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Making IT procurement work for you

 eGISS focuses 100 percent on global IT sales and logistics, which is why our business from the ground up is organized to execute complex processes in a targeted, efficient and cost-conscious way. Step by step, we design and implement a powerful supply chain that is easy to manage and customize for you and your key employees.

3 phases of cooperation

 When you engage with eGISS, it happens in three phases. First point of contact is with our Sales Organization with whom contracts are negotiated and agreed upon. After that, our Implementation Team implements the agreed contract terms in our front- and back-end systems. Finally, when all lights are “green”, the eGISS Operations Team takes over the daily work with orders and deliveries.

Global IT procurement trends

The primary drivers for a large global corporation to engage with eGISS are in most cases based on one or more of the three major “Global IT Procurement Trends” we see in the market today:


– to bring down TCO, large global IT organizations tend to move towards standardizing the IT devices being used on all the markets and regions where the end customer is represented.


– the global IT procurement teams tend to do global RFPs and tenders to ensure that they leverage on its total global volume.


– the global IT procurement teams wish to have as few suppliers as possible – covering as many markets as possible with as many of the customers certified products (the positive list).





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