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The responsibilities of our business

 At eGISS, we take responsibility for our business, for our impact on the world around us and for thinking our business model into the local communities where we operate. Modern companies working in international contexts are not isolated islands, but an active part of global trade, the environment and employee relations.

 eGISS CSR & Code of Conduct

 Working with and for eGISS must be safe, secure and legal in all respects. Both customers and employees must feel confident that we operate according to clear guidelines when it comes to employment, subcontractor selection and all other matters and transactions relevant to our business.

When it comes to CSR, bribery and corruption policies, work for greater sustainability and proper employment, our Code of Conduct is a common benchmark for both our head office and our warehouses in other countries and regions.

Part of UN Global Compact

 To further promote the development of sustainable communities and work for maximum transparency – also across borders – we have entered into the UN Global Compact collaboration.

 We support this initiative and have joined forces with the other members to lift our responsible business operations to the next level. Further, we encourage all our partners, suppliers and customers to actively support and work for the universally recognized principles on human rights including labour rights, anti-corruption and the environment.

 Part of our commitment is documented in the yearly Communication of Progress.

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